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Akko Single Mom Program

The city of Akko, with its ancient walls, castle, moat, underground tunnels and stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, has a dark secret. Akko has hundreds of single mothers, dear women who have been neglected and discarded by society. Such things should not be in the reborn nation of Israel. There are so many broken families, which leads to a cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect and low self-worth.

Pastor Guy Cohen, along with his wife Tali and the entire Tikkun-related Akko congregation (Harvest of Asher), are working together with the city to help families break out of this vicious cycle. They are embarking on a program to empower single mothers, who find themselves stretched to the breaking point, between the demands of rearing children, maintaining a home and earning a meager income.

Guy, who grew up in Akko, was approached by the city’s Social Services Department to assist them, even though they know he is a believer in Jesus. They are developing a pilot program of serving and empowering 10 of these women. After three years, these precious moms will have a bachelor’s degree to break out of the poverty cycle. Most of them never dreamed they would be able to get a college degree. More importantly, they will be equipped with a skill, whereby they can support their families.

The Social Services Department has the resources to cover technical issues, such as tutoring for the women and babysitting for their young children. The municipality has obtained half of the budget, and they have asked Guy if his congregation can help by matching the remaining half of the cost.

The congregation’s contribution to the program will only cost $1,700 annually for each of the 10 women, totaling $17,000 per year.

I know you love Israel and that you want to see these women rescued. In the process, I know you will be praying from them to find their Messiah. I ask you to go one step further and make a $25 monthly commitment to this program. We need 58 people to make this commitment and the need will be met! Can these mothers count on you? I know they can!

Just go to here and make your monthly commitment, or use the response card provided. Thank you so much for standing with Israel!

“Until all Israel is saved.” (Romans 11:26)

Ron Cantor

Director, #IamwithIsrael

Revive Israel – Tikkun Global

PS Pastor Guy and Tali are also eager to match female mentors to each of these 10 Israeli women. If you are interested, please write to

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