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Ukrainian War Spurs
Aliyah Spike

Since March 2022, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tens of thousands of new immigrants and refugees have fled to Israel, many with barely more than the clothes on their back. Leon Mazin and his team at Return to Zion are urgently and practically helping the newcomers make Israel their home!


This is further fulfillment of numerous Biblical prophecies of the return from the diaspora, for example: “See, I will bring them from the land of the North. And gather them from the ends of the earth. Among them will be the blind and the lame, expectant mothers and women in labor; a great throng will return. They will come with weeping; they will pray as I bring them back.” (Jeremiah 31:8-9)


Leon reports that if more know they will receive extra assistance in being absorbed into Israel, then the numbers coming from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus to Israel will easily double, if not triple.


From the very first days of the war, “Return to Zion” Humanitarian Center launched active assistance in Haifa. Through food packages, clothing, essential household items, and sometimes targeted financial assistance, the employees and volunteers of Return to Zion Ministry are supporting these needy ones who fled the war zone. Those of you who have supported #IamWithIsrael have already shown your love to these people, as Return to Zion is one of two primary ministries in Israel that we have supported in this effort.


After receiving initial help, several of the new arrivals shared snippets of their stories. It breaks our hearts to hear their trauma. It makes us want to be “there” for them now.


“My son and I are from Kharkov. We were under bombardment for two weeks. After a particularly “loud” day we decided to leave. With the help of the Jewish Agency, through Uzhgorod we reached Bucharest, Romania. We passed the consular check. Now we have settled in Haifa and are learning to be Israelis.” (Natalya B.)


“In my hometown, Dnepropetrovsk, rockets are now falling, constant air raids. There was no work from the first day of the war. The psychological conditions were terrible. My husband sent me to Israel, while he himself remained in Ukraine. Now I live here with my daughter. The decision to leave for Israel was made after she said: ‘Mom, how many more missiles are coming? I want to live!’” (Catherine R.)


“I am from the city of Dnipro. On February 24, hostilities began in Ukraine. Bombing, the sound of sirens, and fear forced us to leave the city. I came here for my son. Without our stuff. It's good that there are organizations like ‘Return to Zion’, they helped me a lot with the support I needed. Thank you so much!” (Larisa)


We have an opportunity to make a big difference for hundreds and even thousands of families – some of whom are already joining Messianic congregations. Now is the time to act.


A gift of any size will be a great help: $10, $30, $50, $500, etc.


$100 will provide basic food staples for a family for their first month.

$200 will provide a basic kitchen supply kit for one family.

$200 will provide blankets and bedding for a family for the winter.


I want to urge you to invest in these new immigrants.  You can change the lives of these Ukrainian-born Israelites who have suffered so much. 

Thank you for the effect you are having!

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