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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Apostolic Team

First and central to the work of Revive Israel is a commitment to minister to the heart of God. For this purpose our team gathers at the start of every workday for praise, prayer and prophecy. As we give glory and honor to the Lord through worship, we ourselves are also refreshed and refilled with the Holy Spirit. As we encounter His love anew every day, we are moved to intercede in prayer for the things that are on His heart. And as we seek His will, He gives Biblical revelation and supernatural understanding that allows us to prophecy spiritual truths that effect change in the lives of our team, our local and online communities, partners and visitors thereby advancing the kingdom of Yeshua in Israel, and the nations.

This time of praise, prayer, and prophecy, given from the best part of our day, then becomes the source of life and fruitfulness for all our ministry activities and projects. Because of this, we work to maintain a safe environment for practicing and growing in the fivefold or apostolic gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are many other roles and responsibilities during this time of worship and prayer that are used to challenge our team to grow in their sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit while dealing with the complexities of ministering to groups of ministry partners and visitors. Through the giving and receiving of encouragement and constructive criticism, we are actively training and equipping our team to apply these gifts in both love and unity. It is our hope and our intention that through this hands-on training, those in our team and community would join the next generation of leaders in Israel in effectively encouraging and strengthening the body of Messiah both in Israel and throughout the world.

Then, while the worshipful atmosphere is still fresh, we move on to Biblical equipping-type teaching. It is during this time that our team members, community, partners, and guests are trained for Godly service, whether that be in their home congregations and other ministries, or in the marketplace. Leaders and team members alike grow in addressing groups through teaching, giving testimony, and exhortation. Our main subjects of teachings include: the kingdom of Yeshua, covenantal values, godly character, community life, Israel and the church, the end times, and the restoration of the original apostolic (great) commission.

The time we set apart in our mornings belongs to everyone. Because we know that we cannot accomplish God’s vision for Revive Israel alone, we place a great emphasis on serving and equipping our partners and guests who come from the nations desiring to connect with and receive from our team whether they are joining us for one month or just one day. We repeatedly hear testimonies from individuals and groups about how they truly experienced the presence of God through the anointed worship and intercession, about the loving family atmosphere expressed by our community, the visible unity and transparency of our team, and the revelation imparted through the teaching. For some, the prophetic words our partners and guests have received from our team have changed lives and are still bearing fruit years later. These testimonies are a great encouragement to us and continue to confirm what we believe that our primary calling as a ministry is to strengthen and equip Israel and the nations to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and revelation regarding the Word of God.

Apostolic Equipping Center

Our heart is to share freely what the Lord has provided for us not only spiritually, but also practically. In order to encourage mothers with children to join us in our times of worship we have prepared an area for children to play and sleep. Throughout each week we also open our building to the believing community throughout Israel to use for varying purposes, such as:

01.  Prayer and worship gatherings

02.  Meeting place for congregations and small groups

03.  Hospitality meals and events

04.  Local children’s worship and discipleship

05.  Worship team practices

06.  Music classes

07.  Pilates classes

We are currently working towards raising the necessary funds to build a bigger building here in Yad Hashmona to help expand our ability to bless the body of Messiah. As the body of believers in Israel continues to grow and the numbers of believers from the nations who come up to connect with us grow, we are in need of more space. Please consider sowing a financial gift into this building project to help expand our ability to bless Israel and the Nations.

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