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Beit HaYeshua Rehab

Addiction is one of the most crippling traps one can fall into. Seeing someone overcome addiction is like watching their life being given back to them. The people who have dedicated their lives to helping addicts find freedom are some of God’s most highly favored servants.

Roni Rejuan and the team at Beit HaYeshua (House of Salvation) in Jerusalem are among those precious servants. Their ministry is both a rehab center and a congregation of recovered addicts who have now become believers and are reintegrating into Israeli society.

Beit HaYeshua’s rehab center works closely with other Tikkun-related projects in Tel Aviv and the Judean Hills, specifically seeking out homeless drug addicts who want to escape the trap of drugs and alcohol. [For instance, when Moti Cohen goes out into the streets of Tel Aviv to feed addicts and pray for them, he refers them to rehab with Roni.]

Roni reports:

“Over the last months several people came through our rehab program and were freed from their addiction. We see a real change in them, and they have received the faith!”
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#IAMWITHISRAEL, together with you, is coming alongside Roni to assist in the humble, nitty-gritty process of getting addicts saved and free. This is the mission of Beit HaYeshua – offering a ladder to lost Israelis of many backgrounds who need to climb out of their pit and into Yeshua’s life-saving grace. And then, to become a powerful witness of God’s saving power.

Let’s help Beit HaYeshua in ways that will make such a difference!
Insurance Agent

√ One member recently got married, but his pregnant wife from the former Soviet Union, does not yet have health insurance. The temporary medical coverage will cost a few thousand dollars.

Car Keys

√ Roni wants to purchase a newer, more dependable vehicle for the congregation – enabling them to reach out to the homeless addicts in Tel Aviv and invite them to enter rehabilitation.


√ There is a real need to increase the rehab staff salaries. They are currently $2,000 US dollars a month. ($2,000 in Israel is comparable to $1,000 in the US because of the high cost of living here).

Your gift this month to #IAMWITHISRAEL is going to result in changed lives, new disciples, and the Gospel going forth to the most rejected in our culture. Thank you!

Ron Cantor

Director, #IAmWithIsrael

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