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You surround them…

With songs of deliverance

With songs of joy

With safety

Until the time of restoration (Tikkun).

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israel at war

Strengthen the remnant to bring the peace and mercy of Yeshua to the suffering, brokenhearted, and afraid in Israel.

Strengthen the hearts and arms of our brothers and sisters in Israel as they respond to the physical and spiritual needs of their broken, injured, and traumatized communities. 

Goal $1,250,000.00

Last Update: October 10th

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Give strength and support, and surround Yeshua’s people in His earthly homeland.

Your generosity will help provide places and pathways of worship, gathering, proclamation, and equipping for evangelism to believers in the Land.

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“The remnant of Israel will trust in the name of the LORD…

and no one will make them afraid.
–Zephaniah 3:12-13:  

God's One New Man, His Olive Tree (Rom. 11), comprises believers in Israel and the nations—Jew and Gentile. Tikkun Global is committed to serving the worldwide family of God with a biblically sound, prophetic understanding of Israel’s past, present, and future. As the seasons change naturally and spiritually, we feel an urgency to focus on the part of the beautiful Body of Messiah living in His earthly homeland in Israel. This remnant faces increasing pressure, marginalization, and even physical persecution, and we ask our brothers and sisters in many nations to bring offerings of strength and provision for your family here in Israel — to strengthen the remnant in the Land.

Founder’s Letter

For over 40 years, the Tikkun Global founding leadership team has mined the Scriptures to seek Yeshua for His truth about Israel. Many have since been added to the team, and we continue to ask, seek, and knock for more revelation about God’s big plan for Jews and Gentiles and the brilliant story of God’s family together as One New Man.


After all these years, I’m still learning. But I will say this with all my heart, beloved: every believer can know the truth about Israel.


Each of you has a place in this big restoration storyline God is writing—not one of us is above the other or more important than another. Jew and Gentile, together in Yeshua. You are part of God’s Tikkun (restoration) plan!


Join Tikkun to proclaim and teach Yeshua is the Messiah and is returning to restore all things — this Kingdom Vision includes you.


Through Covenant Relationships, you and me—Jew and Gentile—make up this Kingdom.


Rejoice and pray with us for the peace of Jerusalem. The Eternal City groans and waits for Yeshua’s return. Join Tikkun in prioritizing a Jerusalem Alignment in our focus, activities, service, and generosity.


As you continue cultivating your understanding of God’s purposes for Israel, I pray the trusted resources Tikkun Global provides and the many partners and co-laboring ministries we link to help and bless you in your journey. 


We want to see you walk in the fullness of what God has called you to regarding Israel, the church, and the last days. I pray that Tikkun Global is a blessing and friend to you as we long and prepare for the return of Yeshua together.


With Great Love,



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israel at war

Strengthen the remnant to bring the love of Yeshua to the suffering and brokenhearted in Israel.

Strengthen our brothers and sisters as they struggle to overcome the horrors of this sudden and brutal war.  


Strengthen the Messianic Remnant in Israel to stand for victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

When you support Tikkun Global, you are strengthening the remnant.

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we are at war!

Latest Update: November 15, 2023

Everyone in Israel is HEART-BROKEN over the plight of the hostages. The situation looks dire. It seems impossible. We need a supernatural intervention from God! WATCH this VIDEO as Asher reminds us that:


• Abraham rescued Lot.

• David rescued all the captives at Ziklag.

• There are many promises in the Psalms and Prophets of captives being set free.

• Peter was supernaturally released from jail in Acts 12.


Acts 12:5 says that the believers were praying INTENSELY for Peter’s release. We need to PRAY even HARDER for the hostages! We want them ALL to be returned—for their sake, for the comfort of their families—as a demonstration of God’s ability to set the captives free!

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