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Once again—Israelis are being discipled
as followers of Yeshua!

Dear Friends,


The hardest thing we have found with new Israeli believers is helping them grow strong in the faith. As Yeshua said, many people will profess faith but, for various reasons, may not grow deep roots (Matt. 13). The deeper the root, the more adversity, challenges, and temptation a disciple can withstand.


With that in mind, Revive Israel, under the leadership of Yuval and Valerie Yanay, has planted a revitalized, intensive discipleship program using as its platform/framework an organic, community farm on one of the world’s only Messianic, Hebrew-speaking “kibbutz” villages, just west of Jerusalem.


In the short time since the Corona “reset”, Yuval and Valerie have spearheaded this program, with their young children even playing a part. They and their team have seen phenomenal results and have just completed the 6th intensive session to be held in the last 24 months. The full-time, immersive programs typically last 1 to 2 months at a time. They aim to go deep in healing and “hearing,” and instill a life of daily practical service and devotion.


As a result of this program, a few dozen young Israeli believers have already sent their roots down much deeper into the Living Water and are thriving back in their home congregations. Ex-Orthodox inquirers are coming to faith, and the first of them have already made strides as disciples of Yeshua.

Expanding Into New Ground


This indigenous program takes place in their rented “Upper Room facility,” in rented dorm rooms, on the farm, and in the homes of staff members. It is one of the most exciting and fruitful new discipleship paradigms in Israel. 


To increase their practical reach and fruitfulness, the team is expanding both the farm area and the program. They have now added a volunteer session at a secular kibbutz as a blessing and a testimony. The activities also include practical, prayerful weekly outreaches to drug addicts and the homeless as they partner with Feed Tel Aviv, out of Tiferet Yeshua congregation, in Tel Aviv. 


This autumn, just after the Feast of Tabernacles, the next batch of discipleship students will plant vegetables in the ground of the newly added second terraced field.


We need your help!


It is through your partnership that we can pour into these future pastors, evangelists, business owners and professionals. Please consider a generous gift this month and make an eternal difference in the life of an Israeli. 

Ron Cantor


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