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Feed Tel Aviv

Tiferet Yeshua Congregation is reaching out to the “lepers” of Israeli society. My good friend Moti (Mordechai) Cohen leads this ministry to the “least of these” in the streets of Tel Aviv. While ministering, we meet wounded, hungry, crying, desperate people – the rejected and invisible outcasts of Israeli society. We believe with all our hearts that God wants to reveal Himself to these people and show them how much He loves them.

As we make the rounds in the streets distributing food, we share God’s love and sometimes meet people with serious bodily wounds – caused by violence and even rat bites. We carry a first aid kit, and often disinfect and bandage their injuries. Sometimes the wounds are so deep that we offer to call for an ambulance, but most of the street dwellers refuse. Since they are addicted to drugs, they would not be able to go without drugs while getting the necessary medical treatment. That’s how deep the addiction goes – they will risk their lives for their next fix.

A few weeks ago, we met Andrei. He had a broken nose and gruesome cuts on his face after being violently attacked. Years before, he had immigrated from Russia, studied Arabic and served as an IDF commander in an undercover unit. Now Andrei lives on the streets! He tried several times to break his drug habit, and we pray that soon he will have the strength to succeed. When we applied the disinfectant to his nose, Andre bit his shirt because the pain was immense. He already knows the gospel, and again we reminded him that God loves him very much. He sat with us and then agreed for us to order an ambulance. Many of these homeless once contributed to the country, and today are rejected and “invisible.” But God still sees them.

The Feed Tel Aviv ministry has grown and is now preparing 1400 servings of food every month. We cook six times a week and work together with rehab centers and other Messianic ministries. Before Covid-19, we used to receive leftover food from hotels and catering services. Lockdowns caused most of these businesses to close. The very fact that we ourselves now cook the food and are not dependent on any external kitchen gives the homeless confidence that they can rely on us, even while lockdowns are in effect. We are in personal contact with dozens of people each week.

Our immediate goals are to:

  • Buy winter gear like coats, gloves and sleeping bags.

  • Buy more first aid equipment

  • Continue to cook healthy, fresh food for the homeless

  • And of course, continue to share the hope we all have in Messiah Yeshua.

We thank everyone who contributes and helps us in this important ministry to the people of Israel on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Please consider a gift of $40, $80 or even $120 to help Moti and our team show Yeshua’s love to the least of these. This is one of those instances where a small gift could literally save a life. If they don’t get help, many of these outcasts will die on the streets. Your gift could help get someone get into a Messianic rehab center and then find Yeshua! What a joy to partner with you for the most vulnerable in Tel Aviv.

I love hearing how Moti and his team simply won’t give up! Let’s stand with them and give them the support they need.

Ron Cantor

Director of #iamwithisrael

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