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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  $50,000 / $50,000

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Together, we did it! Thank you!! Yesterday, we sent out one more email asking for help to fully fund the purchase of a lifesaving Medicycle (basically an ambulance on two wheels!) in Israel. We needed about $4,000 more to reach our goal.

And your love and gifts poured in! To overflowing! 

We will have the final total in a day or two, but already we can see that we have reached the goal of $50,000 (including the generous $25,000 match from a couple in the US) and then some! All of the donations over our need will be donated to the Israel version of the Red Cross, known as Magen David Adom. 

We are so grateful to have partners like you—a faith family that loves Yeshua and blesses Israel. It is an honor to know you and work alongside you. Today you have said to Israel—Jews and Arab Christians—"we are with you!"

We will be sure to send you the video when we present your gift to the Magen David Adom in memory of Amir Khoury (the Arab Christian police officer killed in the line of duty by a terrorist). It will be a powerful ceremony, meaningful to Khoury's family and to the Orthodox Jewish community, and all Israelis! 


Thank you again for your generosity and your prayers!

Recently an Arab Christian policeman named Amir Khoury, 32, was killed by a terrorist while protecting the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Bnei Brak, just outside of Tel Aviv. His police-partner succeeded in neutralizing the terrorist, but not before five innocent people were murdered.

The Christian Friends of the Magen David Adom (CFMDA) is a group of believers who support Israel’s version of the Red Cross medic volunteer organization. (A Magen David is a star of David.)

“The objectives of Magen David Adom include… first-aid services; maintaining a storage service of blood… instruction in first aid… operating a volunteer program… mobile intensive care units; transportation of patients, women in labor, and evacuation of those wounded and killed in road accidents.”

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Recently my wife Elana was asked to join the board of the CFMDA. We met with Ambassador Danny Ayalon and his wife Anne who is the president of CFMDA. I asked Anne about some of their upcoming projects. After she shared a few of them she mentioned that they want to dedicate a "medi-cycle" to the memory of Amir Khoury—the Arab Christian policeman who was killed.

As soon as she said this I responded that we would pay for it. And by we, I mean you and me :-). These are high tech motorcycles that deliver life-saving aid, weaving through traffic, to get to those in need. Just the other day while in Jerusalem, I heard dozens of sirens. Within a few minutes I was at the scene of a terror attack. And one of the first things I saw was one of these medi-cycles.

Think about this, a Messianic Jewish ministry is raising funds from international Christians to bless the Israeli “Red Cross,” by honoring the memory of an Arab Christian who died protecting Orthodox Jews. What an opportunity to be a witness!

Once the motorcycle is purchased, we will have a big ceremony with the family of Amir Khoury. I have no doubt that Orthodox Jews who are grateful for his sacrifice will be there and will hear of your generosity.

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Matching Funds!

And here is some amazing news. We need to raise $50,000. I shared this with a couple who love Israel. They agreed to match every dollar you give up to $25,000. If you give $100 they will match it with $100. If you give $50, they will give $50. We’d like to raise all these funds by the end of August.

We will be sure to video the ceremony and share it with all of you.

Thank you so much for loving Israel.

Until all Israel is saved,

Ron Cantor

CEO, Tikkun Global

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