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RITG Discipleship

Dear friend of Revive Israel Tikkun Global,

Thank you so much for standing with Israel and with us. Have you ever noticed the fact that part of the end-time events revolve around fiery young Israeli witnesses?

Our passion at Revive Israel is to raise up just that: fiery young Israeli witnesses to share the good news of Yeshua with their fellow Israelis. The RITG Discipleship Training Program has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise very challenging year. Youval and Valerie Yannay started it in early 2020 when COVID restrictions temporarily shut down RITG’s public gatherings.

They use practical working of the land and growing of vegetables as part of this discipling framework/platform. In addition, the organic farm serves as a testimony and point of connection to many Israelis in the area, including secular Israelis and ex-Orthodox Israelis.

With a lot of sweat, the help of many volunteers, and your vital partnership, the RITG team was able to get the new discipleship platform ready quickly. They have already run several programs over the last 11 months – including two extended programs for young adults and, most recently, a week-long program for just women, from all walks of life. It was a rich time of healing, bonding and hearing from God. How are we going to reach the nation if we are not made whole?

In August the team is planning a two-week intensive program for 10 to 20 young adult leaders-in-training. Taking a cue from the IDF, it is affectionately called “Course Makim” (squad commander course), since it parallels the army concept of taking a young soldier who has already gone through basic training and giving him or her the practical skills to serve as commander of a small squad, as one under authority.

Tal Haroni, one of the staff members, herself served as a commander for special-needs recruits in the IDF. Tal brings a unique skill set in seeking to raise up anointed ministers of the gospel as faithful servant-stewards.

I know that you, too, want to see Israelis raised up into maturity to be able to lead. Some of these men and women will not only be leaders in congregations, but in business, education and maybe even in politics. Just imagine that one day we will have Messianic Jews in the Knesset.

The basic cost for each student per week is $400. Your gift of $50, $200 or even more will be a great help.

I can’t thank you enough for once again saying boldly, “I am with Israel!” Well, I want you to know that we are standing with you!

Ron Cantor
Director, #IamwithIsrael

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