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Ukraine War Relief Update Feb 28


Ukraine War Relief Update March 15

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Get my book free when you help Ukrainians. 

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Help Ukrainians make Aliyah!

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Ukraine War Relief Update March 04

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Interview with Boris Grisenko

Tikkun Global CEO Ron Cantor shares with GOD TV about his time in Ukraine and how we can pray. 

Oh, dear friends, I just spoke to my longtime colleague Valentine Sviontek in Odessa, Ukraine. Many of you know that we lived there back in 1998 and 1999. Elana and I planted a congregation in the middle of Ukraine that continues to do very well. We have friends in Kyiv, the capital city, which hosts the largest Messianic congregation in the world. As we watch the TV, our hearts are breaking. For me, it is like somebody has sent tanks into Virginia, where my family lives.


Many of the congregations over there are seeking to evacuate the vulnerable. They are trying to collect food and generator fuel to prepare for several months of scarcity and being confined to their homes.


All of the pastors here in Israel agree that we need to do something. Half of the body of believers in Israel come from Russian-speaking countries like Ukraine and Russia. We have to stand with our Messianic brothers and sisters that are in danger.

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Ron and Elana returned to Odessa, Ukraine in 2017. Pictured is Odessa’s famous opera house. During WWII, Hitler stole the gold laced curtain. Odessa is full of beautiful architecture. A bombing raid would be devastating to the Black Sea port city.

Please give a generous gift today so we can partner not only with Valentine but our other friends all over Ukraine. I wish we could do more, and we are praying. But now is the time to step up and provide an iron shield of protection.


Your gift today of $50 or $100 might end up saving a life. And that is not just fundraising speech. We are in a genuine crisis.


I don’t want to get political, but the last time the world appeased a madman because he was going to just take one nation, six million Jews were butchered. Let’s not stand by and do nothing. God bless you.


On behalf of our dear brothers and sisters in Ukraine, thank you.


Ron Cantor

Director, IAWI

CEO, Tikkun Global

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