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Ukraine War Relief

UPDATE March 4, 2022 

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Get my book free when you help Ukrainians. 

In 1998 and 1999, we lived in Odessa, Ukraine. It was one of the most amazing and yet difficult years for us as a family. From the time I arrived, I began to write email stories about our daily adventures:

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√  Encountering a mafia boss who threatened me
√  Nearly being taken to jail because I was suspected of driving a stolen car
√  Dealing with a woman who played the same song over again every day, all day long on her mandolin outside my window.
√  And then there was our neighbor, Oksana (well, you just need to read those stories...).

At the end of the year, people began to tell me that we needed to put all those stories in a book. So we did; 
and so much more...into "You've Got Mail...from Odessa."

All these memories are flooding back into my mind as I watch daily the images of war in this country that we truly love. We are working with several organizations that are providing humanitarian aid and helping to get people out.

We just sent $16,000 to fly 16 Jewish Ukrainians to Israel from Romania...they are making Aliyah!!! We are working with a Jewish pastor in Romania who has become a "station" for Ukrainians on their way to Poland. He feeds them, gives them access to a shower, and then helps them on their way. But he has run out of money and we are hoping to send him some today.

The needs are great but our partners are rising to the call!

Give now and I will send you an electronic version of "You've Got Mail...from Odessa."


Bless you!!!

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