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Israel War Relief Fund

I'm writing this a week and a half into the Hamas war with Israel. Hamas has by now fired over 3700 (!) rockets at Israeli civilian population centers. A dozen Israelis have been killed and many more wounded. Hundreds of thousands are suffering from PTSD, after running to shelter several times a day at the sound of sirens that indicate incoming rockets.

The home of a Messianic pastor in Beersheba took a direct hit from a Hamas rocket. An 89 year old Holocaust survivor was killed along with her caretaker in Ashkelon. Ido Avigal, just five years old, made it to his bomb shelter; but there, shrapnel managed to break through the thick window, killing him. Anyone who thinks there are no victims on the Israeli side is sadly mistaken.

I know that many of you in your countries are asking yourselves, “How can I stand with Israel in her time of need?” You see the newspaper reports and lopsided media descriptions of Israel as the Goliath attacking the poor underdog Hamas. They fail to mention that every single war with Gaza has started with indiscriminate rocket fire against civilians in Israel. I know this bothers you, and it certainly bothers me.

We created the “I am with Israel” program for times just like these. There are many needs in Israel right now. And by God's grace, in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, we're going to do our part with you to help the people of Israel.

We want to invest in mobile bomb shelters.

We want to provide assistance for poorer Israelis who have been suffering.

We want to go into cities that have been hit the hardest, with toys for the children and encouragement for the adults.

We want them to know that they have not been forgotten!

I'm going to be bold and ask you right now to make a generous donation to #IamwithIsrael.

My wife broke down in tears this morning as she read an article about a group of children in Ashkelon who have been in a bomb shelter for a week. “They told us to go to the bomb shelter under the building, but no one took care of us.” The country is overwhelmed.

Israel needs her friends at a time like this, as the Isaiah 62:6 watchmen on the wall, to take care of her. We're not going to let her down!

Over the coming weeks and months we will let you know how your gifts brought hope and life to broken Israelis. God called Israel to be a light to the nations. Now it’s time for the body of believers to be a light to Israel.


Thank you for your prayers and support…

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