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Ahavat Yeshua

Ahavat Yeshua is a Messianic Jewish congregation serving the greater Jerusalem area.  It was founded in 2006 by the Intrater's, the Santoro's, and others from the Revive Israel team. Today the Moores, Blumenthals, and Belays are the co-pastors and leaders of the congregation. Ahavat Yeshua in Hebrew means “Yeshua’s Love” and it is our desire that His love be the foundation of all we do. 

We desire to follow the pattern given to us in Acts 2– the first congregation of Jewish believers in Yeshua in Jerusalem! It was on Shavuot (Pentecost) more than 2000 years ago that God first poured out the Holy Spirit. We need the same powerful presence for God’s purposes in Jerusalem today.  

Like that first Jerusalem congregation so long ago, we have a wonderful mix of Jews from Israel and the nations. Like them, we live an Israeli Jewish lifestyle based around the Sabbath, the biblical holy days, and many other aspects of modern Israeli life. We are also blessed with people from many different ethnic groups, who serve faithfully in the congregation.   

Acts 2 also demonstrates for us that congregational life cannot be centered on a weekly meeting alone. We desire to be more like a family whose members take part in one another’s lives, serving one another in love. In order to meet this standard, we are committed to the continuing development of home groups. 


Our meetings are conducted in Hebrew, and translations may be provided in certain circumstances as needed.  

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