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Our Story

One of the early Messianic congregations was Beth Messiah located outside of Washington, DC. Dan Juster moved there in 1978 to become the pastor. Asher Intrater, a new Jewish believer who grew up in the area, began attending the congregation and became Dan's disciple. Michael Rudolph, Jerry Miller and Eitan Shishkoff worked together with Dan and Asher as part of the original staff. Paul Wilbur joined later along with Moshe Morrison, Michael Brown, Ron Cantor and David Rudolph. There are many other dear brothers and sisters who contributed to the growth of Beth Messiah through the years and the numerous congregations and ministries that were birthed from it.

We believed that God was calling us to work together in a fledgling, Messianic "apostolic" ministry team to plant and oversee Messianic congregations.  This team eventually took on the name "Tikkun" meaning "restoration" in Hebrew, based on Peter’s “prophecy” in Acts 3:21. Despite our many mistakes and immaturities, God continued to bless and the network continued to grow. 

In 1992 Eitan, Asher, and their families moved to Israel along with a few other team members. Eitan began serving in the north region, raising up what came to be the Tents of Mercy network; while Asher focused on the “central” part of the country (the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem corridor) and what became the Revive Israel network.

Amazingly enough, only by the grace of God, after over four decades all these congregations, ministries and leaders are still cooperating together and have become a testimony of covenantal faithfulness and partnership.

Today Tikkun Global serves eight congregations in Israel and just under thirty in the US. Plus, several ministries and even churches around the world, from Africa to Hong Kong, from Brazil to the UK, have sought to align with us here in Israel.

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