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Creating a new synergy for Israel

and the Church in the end times.

I first discovered the work of Asher Intrater when I read his book Who Ate Lunch With Abraham? I was profoundly impacted by the appearances of Jesus in Old Testament passages that I had known and studied my whole life but had never seen properly. In this new book, Alignment, he beautifully threads together the events of Scripture to articulate God’s immense love for us. This book is sure to ignite your passion for Jerusalem and the greatest story ever told. In such a divisive time, this work illustrates what God can and will do through the unity of believers.


Josh Morris,

Founder and CEO, Tov Co

In Asher’s book, Alignment, he describes the wholeness of Scripture, God’s heart for the believer, Israel, and the nations. He paints a great picture of what it means to be in sync with the Person of Yeshua. When we align our heart with His, we assign the same value that God assigns to souls, family, communities, and the world. As Asher states, “God’s alignment represents His authority on earth: His King, Jesus; His capital, Jerusalem.”


Jonathan Weiss,

Israel Liaison, Daystar Television Network

This powerful, prophetic teaching is a must for the churches all over the world and the Messianic Jews to fulfill their prophetic destiny together. It is clear, pointed, easy to understand, and will often lead to the response “Of course! How did I not see that before?”


Daniel C. Juster,

Thd, Restoration From Zion 

As the Spirit of God continues to entrust him with depths of wisdom and revelation, Asher faithfully walks out these truths in humble and costly obedience to the Lord through his personal life and through ministry. I deeply appreciate how this Jewish father has opened up the hearts of our Arab family in a way I have not witnessed before. This book infuses hope in all of us as our heavenly Father draws His global family together into full alignment and kingdom restoration that we may be one as He and His Son are one.


David Demian,

Watchmen for the Nations

Alignment is a word God has been highlighting in this season in the body of Christ. In this book, Asher scripturally defines the most critical aspect of alignment as being between Israel and the international church, or ecclesia. The link joining the two is the Messianic Jewish remnant. As we move close to the Lord’s return, there is coming a revelation of the necessity of alignment with the root from which we have been taken (Romans 11:16–18).


Jane Hansen Hoyt,

Aglow International

Some of Asher’s books are standard reading material in many Bible schools of the nations. This writing, I believe, will join the others as he speaks to the subject of alignment. This work, like all the rest, was born out of decades of prayer and study, and I know you will glean revelation and deep wisdom from these pages.

PAUL 01.jpg

Paul Wilbur,

International Worship Artist, Wilbur Ministries

I love the message of this book! Coming into true heart agreement—with God and with each other—brings the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Eitan pic.jpeg

Eitan Shishkoff,

Founder, Tents of Mercy and Fields of Wheat





Director, Crazy Love Ministries

Before reading this book, I rarely prayed for Israel. I am embarrassed to admit that I have gone months, maybe even years, without thinking about this nation. It wasn’t until I understood God’s feelings and plan for Israel that my heart changed. Hopefully this book will open your eyes in the same way.

Like many American Christians, I spent a fair amount of time trying to discern God’s will for my life, but rarely thought about His will for this earth. What I didn’t realize is that I couldn’t fully know His will for me without understanding His plans for Israel and the earth. It’s like I have been building a carburetor my whole life without realizing that it was part of a car.

I recently participated in a Bible study with Asher and several other Messianic Jews in Jerusalem. It didn’t take long for me to discover that they study the Scriptures differently than I do. I was taught to read a passage and ask: “What do I think it says?” and “How does it apply to my life?” They focused less on self, instead asking: “How does this fit with everything else God says?” and “What does this reveal about His plan for heaven and earth?”

I have studied and taught the Bible for over forty years. I went to Bible college and seminary, and I have devoted myself to knowing the Scriptures. My mind has been full of countless pieces of biblical information, but it wasn’t until I read some of Asher’s writings that I saw how those pieces came together beautifully into the cohesive story of God.


Do you remember doing “dot to dot” puzzles as a child? We saw a page of seemingly random dots and numbers, and when we took a pencil and traced the dots together—magic! A picture appeared that made sense of all of the dots. This is what Alignment will do for many of us.

For those who grew up studying the Bible, most of the facts in this book will not surprise you. These are truths we have believed and loved for years. What may shock you is just how beautifully these truths have woven together over the past six thousand years. Alignment will bring to light passages that you have read but maybe never understood. What has happened and is happening in Israel will finally make sense to you and excite you.

The Bible has never been more beautiful and glorious to me. I have never loved the Word more, nor have I ever been more convinced that the Bible contains the very words of God. I pray that the same awe and love is awakened in you as you read this book.

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