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It began during the Corona restrictions on public gatherings. Youval and Valerie Yanay together with others at Revive Israel, started to develop a modest-sized farming area, just several hundred meters from our offices, as a new platform for indigenous discipleship and evangelism to Israelis.

There was suddenly this opportunity to bring into visible reality a vision that we have had for years. The weekly activities include worship, Bible teaching, farm work, kitchen duty and weekly times of serving needy Israelis, such as homeless men and women in Tel Aviv. We have already had 2 intensive, full programs lasting for one to two months each, with 10 young Israelis already having gone through the sessions and being positively impacted, in addition to staff who are also impacted.

We invite God to work in our lives in daily times of worship and the Word, and even in daily life together in community with the small frictions and annoyances that test us and bring out impurities.

The Goals


To be a place of peace that attracts Israelis who seek spirituality, so that they can learn about the Creator and meet Yeshua.


To bring about unity and community formation through farm work and other means.

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