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Don't Read This Article

Disclaimer: This article contains extremely graphic content and is intended for ADULTS ONLY. Please do NOT read it unless you are convinced it is the right thing for you to be exposed to at this time.

1500 Massacre Testimonies

The Knesset committee on “women’s rights and gender equality” reported that they have received to date more than 1500 testimonies from the October 7 massacre at the Nova Rave party and Israeli villages surrounding Gaza at the hands of Hamas-Jihad terrorists. 

1500? Unfathomable!

Some of these testimonies include nauseating and nightmarish accounts of shooting people in the back while they fled, mutilating and burning dead bodies, cutting off limbs, and so on.  The terrorists were equipped with huge amounts of weapons, ammunition, Kalashnikov rifles, RPG’s, bombs, grenades, etc.

​All the victims were uninvolved, innocent civilians.

There is a cooperative effort of numerous government agencies and committees to examine the evidence of horrendous sexual atrocities done by the Hamas-Jihad terrorists. 

One eyewitness said, “This was an apocalypse of corpses. Girls without clothing, top or bottom. People were cut in half, others mutilated. Some with heads cut off. Girls whose pelvises had been broken from multiple rapes. Their legs spread open in splits form.”

Witness from a rescue worker: “There were hundreds of wounded and dead bodies. Women naked on the ground. One I saw had been shot in the chest.”

A woman rescue worker: “I saw a tent filled with corpses, naked, with their hands tied behind their backs. One female corpse bleeding from the area of her groin.”

Another witness: “Many corpses, heads and necks smashed. One female corpse with her jeans lowered down to her thighs. Many male corpses with their heads cut off. One with a knife stuck in his jaw.”

A female witness: “There were many wounded. Some men shot in the groin. Gun shots in the legs, arms, belly, rear-end. There was special focus on male and female genital parts. Women with their breasts cut off. Many men with their male organ cut off.”

Eyewitness at the Nova party: “I saw a woman on her knees begging for her life. The terrorist filmed her with a cell phone, spit in her face, then shot her in the head. In the area where we were hiding, they brought the corpses of the women, and even some heads of women. Including one small head of a little girl. 

“I saw a situation in which a woman was forced to bend over, was raped, and then passed on to the others. The terrorists were dressed in IDF uniforms. They were shouting in Arabic. The raped girl was still alive, standing on her feet, bleeding from her back. 

“There was another woman, naked. The terrorist pulled her hair backward, cut off her breast, threw it to the ground, and the others were playing with it, while they continued to pull her hair backward. Another terrorist came and penetrated her. Then with his pants still down, he shot her in the head.”

Another from rescue team: “I saw in one of the homes in the village, a woman’s corpse, stripped of her clothes on the bottom, her hands tied behind her back, lying in the corner of the shower stall.”

Another: “We found the body of an elderly woman stripped with no panties on at the bottom.”

This is a small sampling of the reports (which I have translated here from the Knesset committee meeting). These are crimes against humanity. Against women. The lack of response from feminist groups around the world is appalling. The victims were mostly young, liberal, secular Jews. The lack of understanding from liberal diaspora Jews is scary.

I want to apologize for the horrific graphic details here. Our team debated whether to make this description available. I hadn’t seen such eyewitness reports outside of this Hebrew committee to the Knesset. 

I wanted you to know for two reasons: One, to understand what really happened and what kind of satanic evil this is. Secondly, to encourage you to be involved in the information warfare. Please pray. And please respond in any media forum you are exposed to. 

The truth here is disgusting. Yet, the truth must be known.  

Asher Intrater


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