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March 21-23, 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem!

During this critical time in history, we encourage all those who are “called to the Kingdom for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14) to join with the people of Israel for Taanit Esther, the Fast of Esther, leading up to the celebration of Purim.

With all that is going in Israel and the world—war in Gaza, potential full-scale war with Hezbollah in the north, all manner of evil decrees and demonstrations against Jews and Israel worldwide—we feel it is a crucial hour to join together in fasting and praying for God to turn things around, and bring victory for His people and His name, just as took place in the Book of Esther (Esther 9:1). 

Among Jews, Taanit Esther, is a one day fast before Purim. This year it takes place on Thursday, March 21 from sunrise to sundown, Israel time. In the Book of Esther, the fast is for 3 days (Esther 4:15-16).

There are many prayer initiatives of the Body of Messiah here in Israel starting from Wednesday the 20th. Please prayerfully consider how you, your prayer groups, and/or church groups might join with us in prayer and fasting.

Here is a simple guide to some suggested topics and directions in prayer, based on the acronym AVUR, from the Hebrew word עבור, which is used in our intercessory prayer language to mean “for” or “on behalf of.”

March 21-23, 2024

A - Alignment 

Pray that Christian believers from all around the world will understand the times, courageously line up together and rightly position themselves for His purposes—just as Mordecai and Esther did.  And, like Esther, that Christians will not be ashamed to take a stand for their Judeo-Christian identity, faith and values (Esther 4:14-16; Romans 11, Ephesians 2:11-3:10).    

V - Victory 

We are praying for victory for the IDF in Gaza over Hamas; to see the Israeli captives set free, and for there to be a government in Gaza that allows for religious freedom and the Gospel to prosper among its citizens—something that is impossible under a radical, Islamic regime like Hamas. God loves the people of Gaza and so do we; we want to see them saved and live peacefully and prosperously (1 Timothy 2:1-8). We pray the same for the Christians and Muslims in Lebanon.

U - Unity

Just as the all the Jews throughout the Kingdom of Persia joined together to fast and pray, we pray for unity among Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs in the Middle East, and for the worldwide Church and Israel. We know that our unity is a key to releasing the End Times’ harvest and seeing more of His glory in the Body. (John 17:20-24) 

R - Revival

Just as the great turn around in the Book of Esther led many gentiles to join the Jews by faith in the God of Israel (Esther 8:17), we are praying to see events in Israel and the Middle East unfold in such a way so as to bring revival, especially to the Muslim world. Let’s pray for supernatural dreams and visions, for the gospel going forward in the Middle East, in Israel and around the world.

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