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Global Alignment

When the human body is not in alignment, there is pain. The pain is an indicator that there is a need for alignment. The Body of Messiah is often compared to a human body (1 Cor. 12). When it is not in alignment, there is pain in the global ecclesia.


Since the death of the original apostles, the Body of Messiah has not been in full alignment. There are many dimensions to this alignment, but we are speaking here of the international Church and the Messianic Jewish remnant. In the first century, these two groups were united.  


After the destruction of the Temple and the exile of the Jews, the Jewish remnant became smaller and the Church grew exponentially in the nations.  However, there are dozens of prophecies that speak about Israel’s restoration in the end times.


In Romans chapter 11, the Apostle Paul speaks of the restored Israelite remnant and the international Ekklesia being reconciled into a unified body, like branches being grafted into an Olive Tree. This mutual blessing that was seen in the apostolic ministry of the first century, is now being restored in our generation.  

The “olive tree” alignment described in Romans 11 will result in many huge blessings, including:


  1. Unity of the Church Ekklesia, verse 17

  2. Greater Spiritual Riches, verse 12

  3. Salvation of Israel, verse 26

  4. Fullness of the Gentiles, verse 25

  5. Life from the Dead, verse 15.


One of our core missions is mutual repentance and restoration in order to come into alignment with God’s plan. When the Gentile Church and the Jewish people are aligned together, revival will follow.

The restoration of the nation of Israel, the capture of Jerusalem, a growing movement of Jewish believers in Yeshua, and the Gospel reaching millions around the globe, all testify that these great prophecies are beginning to come to pass.  


Some of the ways we serve this vision are: 


  1. Alignment and One-New Man Conferences: Some in physical meeting rooms and others through digital forums. These include our weekly Global Broadcast, daily prayer initiatives, Arab-Jewish unity and cooperation, and many teaching venues.

  2. Global Family Gatherings: In partnership with Watchmen for the Nations, we at Tikkun serve the vision of a Global Family, with representatives from every nation and ethnic group.  Watchmen director David Demian and Tikkun president Asher Intrater have a special brotherly relationship as an Egyptian Arab Christian and an Israeli Messianic Jew in giving visionary leadership to these global family gatherings.  For more information, see

  3. Leadership Networking: We serve and support a number of international and Israeli alignment type conferences and movements, particularly Welcoming the King of Glory, with Avi Mizrachi; and Toward Jerusalem Council II, with Marty Waldman and Dan Juster.

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