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Global Alignment

When the human body is not in alignment, there is pain. The pain is an indicator that there is a need for alignment. The Body of Messiah is often compared to a human body (1 Cor. 12). When it is not in alignment, there is pain in the global ecclesia.


Since the death of the original apostles and until recently, the Body of Messiah has not been in full alignment. There are many dimensions to this alignment, this unity, but we are speaking here of the Church and the Jewish people, as represented by the Messianic Jewish remnant. In the early centuries, these two groups became adversaries. After the initial revival in Jerusalem that spread to all Israel, the Jewish leadership rejected Yeshua. This led to the destruction of the Temple as Yeshua prophesied—a devastating moment in Jewish history. But as Paul prophetically reminds us in Romans 11:11-15, this stumbling—this rejection—was, and is, not God's last word for Israel. There are dozens of other prophecies that speak about Israel's restoration in the End Times.


Yet despite all these words of promise to the Jewish nation, the Church interpreted Jerusalem’s demise in 70 CE as God's final rejection of the Jewish people. It got so bad that Jewish people were called murderers of the Messiah, Christ-killers. The Church began a systematic persecution that continues, in some areas, even until today. Yet Paul's desire for the Gentile Church and the Jewish people was that there would be unity and mutual love and honor. He pleaded with the Romans not to turn against the Jewish people:


1. Explaining that the Gospel is to the Jew first (1:16).


2. Paul was willing, if possible, to trade his own salvation for the salvation of the Jewish people—He shares this publicly to show the Romans, as representing the entire Gentile Church, God's heart for His firstborn Israel (9:1-5)


3. He's clear in Romans 11:1 and 11:11 that God has not rejected the Jewish people, and a future hope for their revival and restoration remains. 


4. The blindness/hardness that came on Israel, in part, will last until the fullness of the Gentiles comes—and then all Israel will be saved (11:25-26). 


5. In verse 11, Paul establishes the principle of the Gentile believers wooing Jewish people to faith through love, kindness, and good works, as well as the proclamation of the Gospel.


Sadly, all of these Pauline principles, inspired by the Holy Spirit, were rejected by most of the Church, beginning in the second century. But in these days things are changing.


One of our core missions is, in humility and not judgment, to reach out to our Gentile brothers and sisters across the globe for mutual repentance and restoration and to come back into alignment with God’s plan. When the Gentile Church and the Jewish people are in alignment, revival will follow. Romans 11:11-15 speak of a time when the Gentiles will provoke the Jewish people to jealousy, many Jewish people will accept Yeshua as Messiah, and this acceptance will lead to a "how much more" dynamic of Gospel riches, reconciliation, and resurrection. The restoration in our generation of the Jewish nation with its capital in Jerusalem, the mass ingathering of Jewish exiles form all over the world, a growing movement of Jewish, Israeli faith in Yeshua, and the Gospel reaching millions to the ends of the earth, all testify that we are now in the beginning stages of the fulfillment of these prophetic words. These are the greatest fulfillments of prophecy since 70 CE. 


Even as the world grows darker and ultimately leads to an antichrist takeover, there is hope for an end-times revival that may well surpass the events in the Book of Acts (Rom. 11:12). Of course, the fulfillment of all these prophecies brings us ever closer to the ultimate fulfillment of most end-time prophecies that will take place at the Parousia (Second Coming) of Yeshua, where there will be mass recognition of his Messiahship by the Jewish people (Zech 12:10, 13:1, Rev. 1:7, Matt. 23:37-39).


Yeshua prayed in John 17 for unity between His followers. Whether Yeshua's prayer will be answered in this age or the age to come, we should work to see greater unity in the global ecclesia, whether we are Jews or Gentiles, living in Israel or the nations. Through His blood, "you (non-Jews) who once were far away have been brought near…  For He … has made the two groups one," (Eph. 2:12, 14). In a theological sense, the formation of the One New Man has happened between Jewish believers and Gentile Christians. But in terms of walking it out, it has been the greatest wound. The enmity between the Church and the Jewish people has resulted in persecution and even bloodshed. As Israel finds her Messiah and the Church blesses Israel, as there is mutual repentance—we will finally see a breakthrough of this reality "on the ground" in the One New Man, possibly leading to the Second Coming. 


May God help us to embrace the fullness of our calling as we seek alignment and health for the entire body of Yeshua worldwide—from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the ends of the earth, and back again!


Some of the ways we desire to serve this vision are: 


1.     Utilizing online platforms for teaching, worshipping, equipping, and connecting the global Body of Messiah with the restored remnant in Israel, such as through our weekly Global Broadcast on Facebook.

2.     Participating in online gatherings and prayer initiatives with the nations as an expression of the "One New Man" (Ephesians 2:15).  

3.     Restoring the Abrahamic family core center-piece of Jewish-Arab unity as part of the Isaiah 19 Highway vision.  


4.     Serving local individuals and communities of faith here in Israel and in the nations through international teams on the ground providing teaching, ongoing fellowship, and equipping with the full Gospel of the Kingdom. 


5.     Networking Ephesians 4:11 (apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers) leaders and ministries desiring to form relationships and mutual support through roundtable settings.  


6.     Calling for integrity and purity in the five-fold leadership ministries (Ephesians 4:11).

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