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Official Statement Regarding International House of Prayer Kansas City

February 10, 2024

Dear Friends of Tikkun Global,

We are writing you concerning our stand on the serious reports of sexual misconduct surrounding Mike Bickle and IHOPKC.  We have been blessed for many years by IHOPKC—through their prayers, support, and teachings on Israel and the End Times. When we first heard these allegations, we were stunned. Is it possible that such a dear and trusted friend could be guilty of such things? At the same time, we have learned through years of ministry that when accusations such as these come forward, they cannot be ignored.

When this came to our attention, we called for:

  1. An objective council of respected elders,

  2. An investigator to bring objective judgment,

  3. An opportunity for cross-examination and response,

  4. And final conclusions from the council of elders.

Only an objective council of leaders, who examine the evidence, can give a clear judicial decision to remove confusion and lack of moral clarity in light of these allegations. If not, aspersions toward the charismatic Church will go on indefinitely.

Dan Juster's book Due Process presents our view of accountability and the role of elders in judging difficult issues and conflicts in the Body of Messiah. When allegations are brought against a senior leader, it is crucial that outside elders give direction to the investigation, and not the current leadership on which the accused serves.

We appreciate that IHOPKC took the initiative to hire an outside investigator. However, we still feel that further investigation is warranted and should be overseen by a council of elders outside of IHOPKC—especially considering the troubling new allegation regarding Mike Bickle and a minor.

We grieve deeply for all victims of sexual manipulation in any setting. We urge those who have not yet come forward to do so. We believe that you will be heard, and you will be protected. There is no place in the body of believers for tolerating sexual manipulation from an elder, leader, or anyone else.

It was right for the advocacy group to take a stand on this issue. In these high-pressure situations, we rarely do everything procedurally correct. It is easy to point to mistakes on technicalities, which could cause the actual issue of concern to be overlooked. Without the advocacy group making its case, it is likely that what has been revealed would still be secret.

To the leadership of IHOPKC, we are appreciative of your call now for a “season of mourning and repentance.” This is obviously a righteous action before God. Our hearts are grieved. We applaud General Fuller’s desire to create an atmosphere with new systems to protect everyone associated with the ministry. We must fall on our faces together and cry out to God for mercy.

We have taught a team leadership model with accountability for over forty years. As leaders, we confront, challenge, and correct each other. We also commit to listening to each other’s concerns. This type of covenant relationship can be uncomfortable at times, but it is one reason why we are still walking together after more than four decades without revelation of moral failure, divorce, or a major split on our senior team. We do not share this to point to ourselves, but to say to the charismatic world, where ministries are often led by one senior, dynamic, and unaccountable individual, that there is a better way. 

Praying together with all of you for God's grace and wisdom, so that everything in this heart-breaking situation will be dealt with in truth and righteousness,



Tikkun Global Leadership

Asher Intrater
Daniel Juster
Eitan Shishkoff

Paul Wilbur
Ron Cantor
Ariel Blumenthal

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