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TODAH! (Thank you!)

Guess what? You were busy—and fruitful—in Israel in 2021! It was an amazing year! Thank you!

Because of your generosity, your Israeli brothers and sisters throughout Israel were fed spiritually, clothed with the knowledge that you care for them, and encouraged beyond measure during dark times of pandemic and even our 11-day harrowing war with Hamas.

In addition, your financial support helped teach, equip and connect believers in local congregations as well as enabled us to minister from Israel to the worldwide body of the Messiah—a foreshadowing of Isaiah 2:3, when “the Torah will go forth from Zion.” The fullness of which will be after the return of Yeshua.

You are a vital part of our global family and a true partner in contending for revival and restoration from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, to the ends of the earth…and back again!

We thank God every time we think of you (Phil. 1:3). And as you enjoy this gift in appreciation, we pray that you will remember all the lives you have impacted in Israel.


Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26),


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Asher Intrater

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Ron Cantor

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_WVN4719 f press.jpg

“Seven Species” (Deut. 8:8), oil on canvas, by Connie Shishkoff, Israeli artist and wife of Eitan Shishkoff, one of the founding fathers of Tikkun. Connie’s inspiration is to use the gift God gave her to reflect the beauty of creation. Her art has been awarded from the time of her youth in Philadelphia. Connie enjoys painting the iconic scenes and the fascinating people of her beloved land. For information about more of her work, write to

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