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Israel’s Response to Iran’s Attack

Updated: Apr 17

Will Israel attack Iran? Should Israel attack Iran? They are right on the verge of responding. The issues are complicated. The leaders need wisdom. 

Should Israel attack Iran? Morally, strategically, tactically, politically, spiritually?

What are the options? What are the pros and cons? 

What are the pressures on the government concerning the decision?

How should we pray?


  1. 360 drones and missiles

  2. 7 Multiple front war

  3. Expose nature of Iran Shiites

  4. Coalition with Western powers

  5. Cooperation Arab neighbors

  6. Unprecedented Attack

  7. Exemplary Reaction by Israel


  1. Population Centers – like Hiroshima, very unlikely

  2. Nuclear Reactors – 9 Iranian plant locations

  3. Military Targets – bases or weapons

  4. Infrastructure – electricity, administrative, etc..

  5. Oil Fields – refineries.

  6. Proxy Powers – Iraq, Syria, 

  7. Pointed – continue executions of military leaders

  8. Hezbollah

  9. Hamas

  10. Hostage deal, improbable

  11. Sanctions – economic, unenforceable 

  12. Condemnations – UN security council, meaningless


  1. Coalition – with Western nations, USA, etc.

  2. Normalization – with moderate Arab nations

  3. Diplomatic – advance in UN, media, academia

  4. Unity – within Israeli society, almost impossible, other than hostages a. Left – any attack too much b. Right – no attack enough

  5. Worldview – whose battle is this? What are the priorities for the advancement of the kingdom of God. 

Pray with us TODAY. WATCH.


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