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Strengthen the Body of Messiah in Israel

Pastor Yonas from Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem is part of the remnant in Israel—the Body of Messiah. In this video, he shares an urgent prayer appeal to Tikkun Partners to help STRENGTHEN the Body of Messiah in Israel. Yonas served in the IDF for over twenty years, but that did not prepare him for the scale of devastation, grief, and loss his people are now experiencing. Many of his friends and comrades are now dead or were wounded while protecting innocent civilians. Across Israel, no person or family is untouched by this horror. Yonas asks his brothers and sisters worldwide to pray for the remnant in Israel this way:

  • To strengthen the families of the fallen and wounded.

  • To strengthen our children at home suffering trauma.

  • To strengthen our children serving in the IDF.

  • To strengthen mothers and families at home alone with children.

  • To strengthen pastors with wisdom to help the suffering

    • Spiritually

    • Emotionally

    • Psychologically

    • Physically — with Humanitarian Aid

We are many members, one body. We need your help to strengthen and protect the people of Israel. When you support Tikkun, you are strengthening the remnant in Israel to be agents who bring the peace and mercy of Yeshua to the suffering, brokenhearted, and fearful in Israel.

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