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Tikkun America

Tikkun America is an equipping network to produce healthy and devoted Kingdom communities committed to Messianic Jewish ministry. We connect congregations to ignite passion for Yeshua, experience power in the Holy Spirit, strengthen accountability, and build lifelong relationships.

Tikkun is a network of congregations and ministries led by an apostolic team of five fold senior leaders. Benefits and responsibilities of associating with Tikkun network include:

- Equipping: Tikkun trains leaders and congregation members through visits to congregations, conferences, training institutes, and more. We also equip leaders through phone and email communication. 

- Encouragement: Tikkun leaders are available to encourage leaders during times of pressure and spiritual attacks. This includes counseling and advice as needed. 

- Oversight: Tikkun provides oversight through its regional leadership. As a part of this oversight, we participate in local eldership deliberations on major decisions. Such oversight takes place through the submission of reports, through various modes of communication, and occasionally through on-site visits. 

- Accountability: When leaders are accountable for their ministry and personal lives, congregants can live in safety. Areas of accountability include biblical teaching, financial management, program implementation, and the general quality of congregational leadership. In addition, Tikkun provides a court of appeal for congregation members who believe that a serious wrong or error has occurred that was not rightly settled in their appeal to their congregational elders. When congregations join Tikkun, their leaders demonstrate that they are open to correction and are willing to be accountable to a Tikkun court of appeal. 

- Apostolic and Prophetic Alignment: We believe that Tikkun's form and practice of Government is on a healthy trajectory toward the New Covenant model in the Scriptures by its recognizing all five fold ministries, especially apostles and prophets. The embracing of apostolic ministry is one key to spiritual fruitfulness, as the blessings of God are released when communities align under biblical leadership order. 

- Kingdom Expansion: Associating with an apostolic network connects us to Kingdom expansion along new frontiers. Those called to lead in a "five fold" network are committed to expansion of the Kingdom of God and, by being part of an apostolic network of congregations, are able to support this expansion in substantial ways. Tikkun connects leaders and congregations to relational government and to Kingdom expansion that is rooted in the Land of Israel.


For more information and a directory of our congregations, please visit 

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